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Sweden Home
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Independence House - Solar & Wind Power

243 sqm architect-designed house - well thought out down to the smallest datail - no wasted space - everything perfectly planned - relax on the approx. 2,000 sqm property.

No Estate Agent - No Commission - Directly from Private!

  • Stone on stone house - no wooden house, no painting, no exchange of wooden slats necessary
  • Underground garage for 2 cars with direct connection to the house - go directly from the basement into the house.
  • Solar system & wind turbine = independent - no electricity connection needed - no monthly electricity basic fee
  • The 2 independent solar systems (Charge controller & inverter from the quality brand Victron) and the wind turbine supply the house with enough energy of their own so that no electricity connection is necessary and you save the 800 SEK every month (only for the electricity connection!) - the remaining energy is stored in several batteries so that when it is night or on days where no sun shines, you can get the electricity from it.
  • Heat pump A+++ - for heating & hot water
  • Central wood heating - for heating & hot water
  • Greenhouse - grow vegetables & fruits - up to 60 degrees inside temperature possible, through special windows.
  • Chicken house with 5 chickens - fresh organic eggs every day
  • Gas station & supermarket in about 5 minutes walking distance or 1 minute by car
  • Big supermarket & restaurant in about 10 min by car away.
  • School & bus also available directly in the town
  • Professional osmosis plant - fresh, filtered drinking water
  • If desired, all furniture can be taken over.
  • There are 2 beautiful lakes with swimming area - within a few minutes walk. The sea is only 30 minutes away.
  • Great privacy: only one direct neighbor on this side of the street otherwise there are no neighbors on this side of the street. There are 3 other houses in the area (no direct neighbors). They are all quiet and very friendly people.
  • Nice dance club with direct lake view in only 5 minutes away by bike - Wonderful.
  • The forest and fields are about 1 minute walk away - Excellent for walks or bike rides - there are even special bike paths for this.
  • The house has no damage, everything works 100%, no mortgage, debt free.

Location: In south Sweden - between Ronneby and Karskrona

Price: 190.000 EUR


Tel.: +46767548722

Sweden Home
Private sale - More info please contact.
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